Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas In Color, Kearns Utah

This was such a fun night! I am convinced that everything is more fun with kids. Okay, that's not true - there are a lot of things I would rather do alone, like going to the bathroom, showering, or grocery shopping, but looking at Christmas lights is definitely not one of those things. We had been seeing the Christmas in Color Drive Thru Light Display in Kearns all over the news and social media and decided we should probably check it out for ourselves. Worth it? Totally! It was so cool, not like any other light display I had ever been to before, and just so fun for the kids too (we took my two neices as well).

We went on a Saturday (at 9pm), I am convinced that was the busiest time for us to choose but it wasn't a bad wait. Maybe 10 minutes to get inside the actual light display and it took us 30 minutes to drive the 1 mile long light display (but it didn't seem like it). When we left, there was no line to get in, drastic difference from 30 minutes prior.

These are some 15 second clips of the display (so much fun to listen to the girls be so excited!):

I don't think the photos or the videos can do it justice.

Long videos:

I think we will go back one more time just so that we can hear Madison be excited all over again. It was a blast and such a fun night out!

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Allison said...

i love hearing her little voice so excited! Best. Sound. Ever.